First and foremost, all I can say is THANK YOU! TDR Mortgage was amazing at making the home buying process smooth and easy. After all the horror stories I’ve heard, I didn’t expect things to come along so well. To begin, Clyde. He was amazing! I’m a bit of an micro-manager when it comes to getting things done for myself and entrusting others, Clyde was extremely patient and more importantly informative with me. He showed me house by house and took my insanity with ease. More importantly, when it came time to close on the house with the sellers, he knew how to put his foot down and make things happen. Then there was Terri. What can I say, she handled the joys of going through the escrow process with ease. She made a stressful situation feel like a walk in the park, never, letting up on ensuring everything that needed to get done throughout the process was done and done right. On top of it, she was always friendly and cheerful. As stressful as this process can get, she always managed to soothe the it over. Josselin – She was always so sweet and helpful and quick to remind me of dates and documents that were needed or pending. Like Terri, she was always happy and friendly and more than anything, willing to pick up the extra work when things were getting busy. Lastly, Teresa. Thank you Teresa. She always had a million and one things going on at all times but that never stopped her from picking up the phone and calling me to discuss anything that might be important. Though my loan application was in good hands with Terri and Josselin, that didn’t stop her from making sure that she personally was familiar with my loan and was overseeing everything. What can I say, the entire team made this process so much easier that I thought it could be. Their level of knowledge and expertise in the industry is outstanding. And on a personal note, as many other clients they have, I always felt as though I was their number 1. I can only say great things and more importantly, thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you put into your job. I love my home.
Julie L.
Pomona, CA