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No Down payment

No down payment on purchases up to $417,000 in most areas.

No Mortgage Insurance

No mortgage insurance even with no down payment

Low Interest Rates

Low interest rates even if you have poor credit and high debt

No Closing Cost

Closing cost paid by seller if negotiated and agreed upon

Multiple VA Loans at Once

You can have more than one VA Loan out at one time

100% Value Refinance

With a VA Loan you can refinance up to 100% of the home value

No Prepayment Penalty

Borrowers can pay off loan at any point without a pre-payment penalty

BAH Payment Approved

Active members can use their BAH as method of mortgage payment

VA Housing Payment Calculator

The VA calculator eliminates guesswork or the need to lookup Funding Fee factors as they are calculated automatically in response to three easy clicks for the veterans status. As well, this calculator is responsive and thus perfectly usable on any mobile device.


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