How To Choose a Realtor With CA Real Estate Agent Clyde Hagen | TDR Mortgage & Real Estate.  Listen to the whole video to get the real scoop on this topic.  Real Estate Agents are very important and work Hand n Hand with your Mortgage Lender.

Teresa Tims, President of TDR Mortgage & Real Estate, shares with you a checklist on how to Choose a Realtor that’s best for you. Clyde Hagen, one of Teresa’s Realtor Partners and all around Bad Ass Agent, chimes in to help consumers figure out what’s the best way to to choose an agent that’s right for you.

It’s not easy right I mean do you pick the cutest one ( I do lol ) JK… but I would be tempted! I mean if they dress nice and have good social media and a website they have to know what they are doing? WRONG!!!! Let us help you choose someone AMAZING. Leave me a message with your contact info so I can send you this awesome easy checklist.

Hi. My name is Teresa Tims and I am president of TDR Mortgage in Upland, California. I’ve been doing mortgages since 1998, and I love my job and I love real estate and I work with people who buy homes all the time. I primarily do mortgages, and I also work with lots of agents that list homes and help people find houses.

A lot of times a buyer will come to me, and just knowing what I know about mortgages and real estate I will partner with a realtor to come to a successful close on a transaction. I’ve done over 1900 transactions in my career, so I have a lot of experience in transactions, so I have a lot to say about the subject.


TDR Mortgage shows you how to navigate the RE process, easily,  make smart confident decisions when buying, selling or refinancing

License Level? Are they a Realtor or Real Estate Broker?

What the difference and is it important

DRE Lic. Look up (Click here)

Are they licensed?

Do they have any license infractions? Check infractions (click here)

Reviews what are people saying

Yelp (link)

Google (on google type “find google reviews for agent Name or Company Name”)

For example: See photo below- The reviews will be on the right side box.

Zillow (link)

Facebook (you will need to know the name of the agent’s business page on facebook)

Did they Call / Txt you back in reasonable amount of time?

Were they easy to find when you googled their name?

Do they have a website?

How long have they been in business?

5+ Years Preferably but Minimum 3 years.

Why is this super important?

Are they Full Time?

Why is this important?

Do they work alone or do they have an assistant or a team?

Why to stay away from a big team, it’s a cluster fuck usually and the actual agent has very little involvement and your transaction is usually handled by an unlicensed transaction coordinator or very inexperienced buyers agents.

Ideally I recommend an agent that uses a Transaction Coordinator and works alone or has an assistant or buyers agent partner.

What do they specialize in?  Buying or selling or both?

How many transactions did they do last year?  Buy___________ Sell__________

Do they own a home?

Do they own Rental or Investment Property?

Do they charge an additional fee for the transaction coordinator or legal doc coverage on top of the standard commission?

Do you like them?

Do you Trust them?

How to find and select a realtor

How to find and select a realtor

hey, if you’re looking to buy or sell in Southern California, can pick up that phone and give us a call at 909-920-3500 and let me help guide you to some of the best professionals in the area. Have a good night. Yes, I want to end it.