Well hello there, Teresa Tim’s, President of TDR Mortgage in Upland, California. Hey, did you know that you could buy a house in Orange County for only about three or $4,000 cash total out of your pocket? Well, the way it works is through the California Housing and Finance Authority. They will provide down payment assistance, enabling you to literally get in with three or $4,000 total if you made up to $174,000, which is the new income limit in Orange County, which is incredible.




Before, the maximum for CalHFA products was based on a sliding scale, how many persons in your household. If you’re a couple of persons that wants to buy a house in Orange County, the maximum income that you could make is $65,000. Well, now you can. I was just kind of estimating if you made $175,000. You could purchase up to a sales price of around $630,000. That will put the payment around somewhere around 45, 46, $4700.



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If you have wanted to buy a house in Orange County, now is the time to do it. Pick up the phone and call me at 909-920-3500 and, remember, we are Orange County’s favorite lender.