When I wanted to sell my first house in San Bernardino, I had to find someone that was the best in the area. I took my chances with Teresa and TDR Mortgage to not only sell my house, but to find me a new one (Clyde), and lastly, get me a great rate on a new house in Chino Hills. Teresa and Clyde did exactly what I needed. They did it quickly, got the most money for my house, and found me a new house that I never would have imagined moving into. They are a one-stop shop that does everything. Teresa and Clyde were my agents, and Teresa was my mortgage specialist as well. After moving in, a year passed and I wanted to get rid of my mortgage insurance. I contacted Teresa and Terri for help. They once again made it happen with quickness. I could not recommend TDR mortgage any higher. They are extremely helpful, very sharp, and very fast.

Brandon S.
Chino Hills, CA